Hmm… so this is what the blog world looks like?

HELLO! Well, this is exciting. Really, I can’t even describe to you how ecstatic I am right now….seriously, I’m bouncing. This is my FIRST EVER blog post… how cool is that?! After 6 months of deliberating and questioning, I finally decided to do it. Why not, right? After spending countless hours obsessing over other blogs, including such masterpieces as How Sweet It Is and Young Married Chic, I finally decided I needed a blog of my own.
My name is Laura. I’m 16. I’m little, but I have big taste. Big taste in fashion and all things sweet. My passion for fashion and baking has begun to take on a life of its own… I needed an outlet; hence, this blog was born.
Little Girl, Big Taste is a blog for all things stylish and delicious. It’s for every girl who simultaneously ogles the fabulous Chloe wedges and drools over decadent chocolate fudge cupcakes, every girl who loves a tiered cake as much as she loves a tiered gown. If this sounds like you… read on my friends. Welcome to an exciting world of 1 part style and 1 part sweet.


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6 responses to “Hmm… so this is what the blog world looks like?

  1. So happy to meet you! The photo in this post is absolutely beautiful, and so is your header! Congrats on the new blog! Can’t wait to see what you share 🙂

  2. Marge

    This blog looks almost as good as!! I love fashion, baking and gossip!

  3. Daniel Begasse


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