Seeing Spots… (and chocolate, of course)

Hi there! Do you know what I absolutely love about summer? Concerts. There are just so many good concerts in the summer! Do you know what else I love…? Dressing for concerts! It’s almost like carte blanche to dress  a little bit kookier than you normally would. Or, at least that’s what I tell myself… But anyway, I went to a concert this past Friday, and I opted for one of my favorite, kooky prints.. Polka-dots!!

I don’t think I’ve worn polka-dots since I was about…. 12? Yeah, that seems about right. Probably since I stopped being obsessed with this dress right here:

Oooooh yeah, this dress and I go way back. I got it in 4th grade; I believe that is what grade I’m in in this photo. (Also, this is my diva-licious mom. You’ll be hearing more about her, don’t worry.) I wore this dress to death… literally. I finally had to pass it on in 7th grade when I hit puberty, sigh. This dress was fierce by itself, over jeans, with tights- you name it, I wore it.

But enough about this dress- back to polka-dots! Polka-dots have found a renewed space in my heart. I simply love them. And if you ask me, they are perfect for a concert! Fun and whimsical, and just plain cute. Some more polka-dotted items I am currently drooling over:

I love these pin-up looking crop tops. And this one is polka-dotted! So cute.

If Katy is wearing spots… you should be wearing spots.

Miu Miu Resort 2011 has the right idea… SPOTS EVERYWHERE! Absolutely genius. I’m seriously drooling.

Speaking of drool…. These cupcakes. I decided these cupcakes were a nice complement to this spotted post due to their chocolate-chippy-fabulosity. CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH STUFFED CUPCAKES. Yeah, I know. I just got a little excited there… but come on, that merits all caps!! These cupcakes are amazing.

Take your favorite vanilla cupcake recipe, or even a box mix. Bake your cupcakes, and then you simply cut out a little cylinder in the middle of the cupcake (BONUS: extra cupcake scraps for you to eat.). Then, I used this awesome eggless cookie dough recipe from the girl who ate everything (I LOVE HER!) I didn’t follow her entire cupcake recipe. Instead, I opted to use my chocolate ganache frosting, because I’m a chocolate addict and chocolate addicts need inordinate amounts of chocolate at all times…

Finally, to top it off, I spotted these decadent little treats with mini chocolate chips! To die for.

Okay… I need to stop looking at this post before I max out the credit card and my calorie intake… Have a spot-on day!



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4 responses to “Seeing Spots… (and chocolate, of course)

  1. Lexi

    Laura this is absolutely AMAZING! I am definitely going to make those mouthwatering cupcakes!!!!!

  2. Morgan

    Those look incredible ! i have to try to make them ! 🙂

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