Puffs of Pink…

Hello! Welcome back. Today, I must make a confession to you all. I sort of despise pale pink. Pink should come in one shade only- hot. Unless it’s on your ballet slippers, I just don’t see the point? It’s just…. blah. Not quite hot pink, but not quite either. Sigh, the poor life of pale pink.

However, friends, if there’s one person that could make me change my mind about the bland and uninspiring pale pink, it’s Erin Fetherston. Erin Fetherston is a genius a pure, pure genius. She is master of all things feminine. Every time I see her collections, I feel like I’ve been transported to some other world where pretty little fairy goddesses rule the universe. (Then again, I do have quite an active imagination…)

A few weeks ago, I feel completely head-over-heels for Erin’s latest collection, her first resort line, ERIN. I fell so in love, that I decided I just had to post about it. I stare at the collection everyday… Is that weird? No. I don’t think so. Take a look at the collection for yourself, and I think you’ll understand:

Are you understanding yet? She looks like she’s in some sort of bubble-gum forest…

Simply adorable. So fun and fresh. Sometimes I feel like I need a break from some of the serious androgyny on the runways, don’t you? This collection is so perfect for summer. All of the dresses are so airy. You can dress up these dresses with some rockin’ pumps, or dress them down with funky motorcycle boots. Either way, this collection screams effortless-summer to me.

This one is my favorite of the collection. Why, you ask? Well, because it reminds me of cupcakes, of course. These cupcakes specifically:

Strawberry Puffcakes. YUM. I got the idea for these cupcakes right here, from the girl who ate everything! (I’m a liiiittle obsessed with her… this is only my third post and she’s already been mentioned twice.) I used her strawberry buttercream and chocolate topping recipes, but I opted to use vanilla cake instead of chocolate. I made these cupcakes for the last day of school, and I decided that the chocolate overload may be too much for some people (weaklings, I know), so I opted for a friendlier balance with vanilla. Due to time constraints, I used a box cake mix, but you could certainly use your own vanilla cake recipe.

Here are the little guys pre-chocolate topping. Somehow I could not get my icing nearly as puffy and perky as Christy did, but they were delicious nonetheless.

Oh, strawberry puffcakes come back to me…

Seriously, though, don’t you see the resemblance between the delicious ERIN frocks and these scrumptious treats?! Both are light, fluffy and perfect for summer. Well, that’s all for now. Have a pale-pink-loving, strawberry-buttercream-munching kind of day.


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