Rainbow Brite

Hey there! Welcome back to my world of sparkles and sugar. Today, I feel just great. Summer is awesome, life is awesome. So, I felt like posting rainbows. Today is just a rainbow kind of day. Well, rainbows and unicorns maybe, but I’m not so sure how I would work unicorns into a blog about fashion and baking… Oh well, it will go on my to-do list.

Let me tell you- if there’s one thing I love, it’s color. And there is just nothing better than a fabulous rainbow. Now I know what you’re thinking- Laura ate one too many packets of sugar; rainbow is not exactly the best fashion statement. However, while I cannot deny the former of that statement, the latter is completely false. Rainbow is indeed an amazing fashion statement, as long as its done right. I promise. You won’t end up looking like my favorite childhood cartoon character.

This dress is the perfect example of doing rainbow right.

A friend described this dress as a Sherwin Williams paint palette, and now I call this my paint palette dress. I’m a little obsessed.

Sigh, take me back to Hawaii. This is actually the only time I wore this dress. I’ve been waiting for the occasion to break it out again. It’s Herve Leger, my one and only Herve Leger, and I cherish it. I refuse to grow (although I don’t think I really have to worry about that anytime soon) because I will never give up this dress.

I’m so happy in this picture- it must be all the rainbow-y goodness.

Aside from my disgusting happiness, I also decided to post about rainbow because I think it is so perfect for summer. Summer is the only time you can wear ten different colors and still look fierce. These two rainbow items are currently on my wishlist:

Both of these items are perfect rainbow delights. Both from Nasty Gal, one of my favorite edgy shopping sites, these show you how to do rainbow right. This tight little skirt would be so cute and effortless with a black tank and sky high platforms, or even lace up sandals. And can words really describe how fabulous these shoes are? Come on- they’re rainbow and fruity. I rest my case.

Of course, my post would not be complete with a little deliciousness. Hence, these supercalifragilistic-ly amazing rainbow cookies. Okay, I think I’m too excited.

Let’s just take that in for a moment. Oh yum. I made these cookies as a gift for my friend. She absolutely adores those Shoprite soft cookies, so I decided what better than to make my own? So I found this amazzzzing recipe from Shelly from cookies and cups at University of Cookie and began my baking excursion. I used Shelly’s cookie recipe but opted to use my own recipe for the buttercream frosting simply because I’ve made it so many times and know it works.

I then decided to go to town a bit with the frosting. As you know, I just love pretty colors, so I went all out! I dyed my white frosting these beautiful hues, and voila, delicious and beautiful soft sugar cookies. I’m not really a fan of anything not at least 50% chocolate, but these were to-die-for. Oh, and did I mention they were insanely cute?? Bonus.

I opted to add little star sprinkles because you can just never be too cute.

So much rainbow in one post. I apologize if your eyes are burning. But hopefully they’re twinkling instead. So go put on your rainbow frock and bake these rainbow cookies. And if you can find a unicorn, more power to you. Have a sparkling day 🙂


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One response to “Rainbow Brite

  1. Debbie

    Laura, I am Aunt Jamie’s friend Debbie (better known by your Aunt, Larry, Sam & Steph as Dr. Debbie). I love your blog!! I especially love your paint palette dress. Curious…where was that 3-day concert you attended? Just to let you know…I am going to make your cookies & cream fudge to bring to a party this weekend! I’ll let you know if I did it justice. Keep on bloggin!!

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