TRIPLE F: Festive Festival Fashions.

Hello again! So as I mentioned yesterday, this weekend was ridiculously busy. Why, you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you why! This weekend I attended a 3-day music festival. Yup. You heard me. Three whole days of music. All day, all night. It was absolutely amazing. But, I am never all play and no work…

As I walked around the festival, hopping from band to band, I took  note of some of the outrageous and awesome styles. Then, LIGHTBULB… I decided I must photograph these stylish festival-goers and share them with you! If you ask me, outdoor concerts are so much fun to dress for. However, I also think there is a very fine line between looking fun, and just looking,well, crazy. Let’s take a look at some of the people I thought hit the nail on the head:

For some reason this girl looked SO familiar! Just kidding… it’s me. I’m so lame. This is my “hey, I’m taking this picture!” pose. Don’t you get that vibe when you look at this picture? This was my favorite outfit I wore all weekend. A Free People crop top, H&M skirt, and unknown brand sandals I got somewhere for 10 bucks! Also, I’m kind of obsessed with that purse. I got it last year from H&M for 12 dollars, and let me tell you, best 12 dollars ever spent! I used it all weekend- it’s cute, fun, and so easy to hold- just throw it across your body and you’re done! And of course, my sunglasses to top it all off. TADA!

Alright, I’m sort of in love with these girls. Reason number one: LOOK AT THEIR PANTS. Come on. They are awesome! Flowy, tie-dye fabulousness. Reason number two: they were so excited for me to take their picture. Reason number three: They aren’t even trying. They bought those pants at the concert, and just threw them on! Okay, so what if the girl on the left clashes a little? If you ask me, it totally works. She’s wearing them at the right place, the right time, and having fun. These girls rock.

This girl is so adorable. She clearly put a much more concerted effort into her outfit than my tie-dye pants friends, but she looks so effortless at the same time! She is clearly concert-ready. High-waisted jean shorts, a cropped lacy top, satchel, and an adorable little hat?! Oh yes, she’s been to a festival or two. A+ for cute little vintage festival-going girl.

Alright, before you think I’m crazy, let me explain!! This is a fashion and baking blog, so when I saw these workers rockin’ these fierce tie-dye aprons, I couldn’t resist! They were serving up their corndogs in style, and I say amen to that.

I know what you’re starting to think… Laura, are you sure you didn’t time travel really quickly back to Woodstock? Yes, I’m positive. But the overwhelming style of the festival was very Woodstock-esque. Tie-dye, flowy clothing, and lots of bellys, like this hippie chick right here! I love her skirt with the macrame detail on the top, and her little tied up tie-dye shirt really sealed the deal. Topped off with a braid and a hula-hoop, she looked like she popped straight out of the 70s. (Also, take note of the crazy girl taking a picture in the background, just for laughs.)

The last thing I have to share with you are these awesome bracelets. This booth was set up right outside of the festival. I didn’t have the desire to really spend money at that moment, but when I saw these amazing creations I at least had to stop and check it out. Then, as I got talking to the very kind man in charge of the booth, he explained that it was set up by The Eden’s Rose Foundation. The Eden’s Rose Foundation is a Non-Profit Charity that works to help impoverished children and communities in areas from the Amazon Rainforest to the Himalayas. The profits from everything being sold in this tent would go toward the foundation. What’s even cooler is some of these bracelets were even made by the people in these communities! Check out Eden’s Rose for more information. But seriously, aren’t these bracelets fabulous?!

And there you have it: the highlights of Festive Festival Fashions.The motto of this post? If you plan on going to a music festival anytime soon, take a tip from me or one of the style mavens in this post! When in doubt, tie-dye seems to work. And even if you’re not going to a festival, try out one of these fun looks! You’ll be sure to hit the right note 😉 Alright. I’ve been corny enough for one day. Have a rockin’ day!


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