Back to [Baking] Basics.

Today is a simple kind of day. For some odd reason, I’m extremely mellow (I’m usually wired on sugar). It’s not really nice out, but it’s also not gloomy. It’s just a regular day.

Thus, I felt it would be the appropriate thing to do to reflect my simple mood into a simple post filled with three simply delicious, simple desserts! Okay, I promise, I will not use the word simple again in this post.

Just the other day, I decided to send a care package to my best friend with some goodies in it. (She’s at a dance camp for 6 weeks- she needs all the sugar she can get!) Since it was going to have to be shipped, I decided to keep things easy and delicious.

First up, my classic chocolate chip cookies:

Warning: all modesty is about to go out the window. I am not bragging, I am stating a fact: I make really awesome chocolate chip cookies. They’re my go-to specialty. I would trade the most beautiful, ornate cake in the world for my chocolate chip cookies. My friend referred to these little guys as “Devil Cookies.” He said, “They’re so devilishly good, that you can’t stop eating them.” Oh yeah.

Mmmmm… I took these pictures when these buggers were fresh out of the oven… so much chocolatey, gooey goodness. My best friend loves my cookies as well, so I knew they would be the perfect treat.

Next up on the menu, I made this amazing cookies and cream fudge from Nosh With Me. This was the first time I made this fudge, and it was a huge hit.

Not only is it insanely delicious, it’s so easy to make. This is what it looks like when you first take it out of the refrigerator: one huge chunk of fudge. Then I cut it into some pieces…

And then a couple more pieces…

And one more time…

And then I was satisfied. The perfect little squares of fudge. I sent about 3/4 of the batch to my friend, and let my brother and his friends devour the other 1/4. Let’s just say 18-year-old-boys have hearty appetites.

Finally, I also ventured to try a recipe I’ve been eyeing for a while: cake batter bark from How Sweet It Is. (You all know how much I love her!) Her recipe called for white chocolate and vanilla cake mix, only I ran into a little detour. As I was melting the white chocolate for the top layer of the bark, I got a little bit distracted… and it burned. And I had no more white chocolate chips. Sigh.

So, I turned to my alternative: chocolate chocolate chips and chocolate cake mix! I had an abundance of chocolate, so it worked out. So, it was a double chocolate cake batter bark, instead of half chocolate half vanilla. If you ask me, that’s even better.

This is what the bark looks like before being broken up into pieces. One big sheet of chocolate and sprinkles. YUM.  I just can’t get over how easy this was! You make the bottom layer of chocolate, make the top layer by mixing your melted chocolate with a little cake mix, throw some sprinkles on, freeze it up, and voila!


And there you have it! Three easy, delicious recipes. Bonus: they all ship well! My friend is enjoying these treats as we speak.

Have a lovely, simple (oops, I just broke my promise!) day. 🙂



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9 responses to “Back to [Baking] Basics.

  1. Debbie

    Hi again! I must laugh.. when i look at all of these great desserts.. it makes me hungry! I am not even a big chocolate girl.. my favorite is vanilla. I must say that everything you have made looks soooo pretty and delicious! Have a great day 🙂

  2. June Grentz

    Hi Laura, Dan showed me your Blog because he knew I would love it. He was right I do love it, your are doing a great job!!!! Good luck and enjoy!!
    Love Mrs. Grentz

    • Hi Mrs. Grentz! Thank you so so much! You can subscribe if you’d like an get email notifications when I post 🙂 Also, tell Dan thank you for passing it along! I hope you and your family are having a great summer!

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  4. Debbie

    Laura I made your cookies and cream fudge this weekend and it was a big hit. I also made the Zucchini Muffins with Nutella Swirl from one of your links and they were amazing. Thanks!

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