Buggin’ Out

Today I was attacked. No, not by a robber or an evil villain; no, today I was attacked by a swarm of bugs. I’m outside for five minutes- five measly minutes- and I get eaten alive. That is just wrong. Bugs, I don’t attack you, so why must you attack me?! It’s just not fair. To me, bugs have only one rightful place… on my fingers.

Yes, that’s right, I love bug jewelry. Specifically, I love bug rings. I hate bugs, but they make some of the most beautiful accessories. I seem to have accumulated quite a collection of little buggie baubles…

This is one of my favorite little critters. He’s just so cute! (Yes, I just referred to my ring as a he… don’t judge me.) The little yellow glass part on his wings move, so little buggie can fly! I got this at a little boutique in my mall and it was definitely a smart buy. I wear it way more than I had imagined!

I probably wear this ring 3-5 times per week, at least. I bought it about 2 years ago at a vintage store in Las Vegas, and I think I’ve worn it a thousand times! It almost always works perfectly with my outfit, and it fits my little butterfly fetish. (Yes, I am obsessed with butterfly jewelry.) I don’t know if I would necessarily classify butterflies as bugs, but you get the point.

I think I get about 300,000 compliments every time I wear this ring. My mom got it for me when she went to Puerto Rico- she knows me too well! I love all the little beads, and of course, the tiny butterfly. So fun.

This ring is so gorgeous. The pictures do not even do it justice! Once again, my fabulous mom picked this up for me at TJ Maxx (one of our staple stores) to go with my prom dress! It complimented the dress so perfectly. It glimmered in the sunlight when we were taking pictures and shimmered on the dance floor. I even won prom queen, and I chalk it all up to my ring, of course. PLUS it was something like 15 dollars?! STEAL. It’s almost as big as my hand! (Then again, I do have baby hands.) And of course, now I get to wear it all the time. Oh yeah. Go mom… Go bugs on my fingers…

So wherever you are today, whether you’re outside catching some rays or going for a leisurely jog, make bugs your friends, not your enemies. Be in with insects. It’s just that kind of day šŸ™‚



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6 responses to “Buggin’ Out

  1. Claire Brown

    Laura I LOVE THIS!! Definitely my favorite post so far. I loooove me some bug rings too and all of yours are super adorable as always šŸ˜€

  2. Jamie

    I love bug jewelry, too. But, I am more into the lizard look! I have a gecko ring by Kenneth Lane that is so cool!

  3. Debbie

    Love the jewelry but….. PETRIFIED of bugs!! lol Just ask your aunt Jamie! Have a fun 4th šŸ™‚

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