Red, White and Blue, Delicious Are You.

Hi there! I hope you are all having an awesome 4th of July weekend- I know I am! I know today’s post is super late, and I apologize. But, I had work then, of course, BBQing festivities! Ah how I love summer. But, let me tell you that what you are about to see will be worth the wait. Here we go. Take a deep breath. Get ready to feel patriotic and ravenously hungry.

Let me tell you- between yesterday and today, I have made some serious USA delicacies. Number one: these super-cute, flower-inspired red white and blue cupcakes. I made these little treats to sell at my work! Yep, you heard that right- Laura’s first cupcake sale! WOO! I’m just a little excited. I made red velvet cupcakes with, of course, my go-to buttercream frosting. My boss really liked the design of the Flower-Power cupcakes, so I decided to go for the same effect, only with red, white and blue! I love how vibrant the colors look.

The customers loved them. They are so easy to make and perfectly patriotic!

I’m so happy I had these little plates to display them on! And that leads us to dessert number two…

I told you guys my experimentation would be useful!! Red, white and blue cake balls. I’m a little bit in love. And a lot proud. I adore the way these came out!! I am going to a 4th of July get together tomorrow, and I decided these would be the perfect treat (along with the third and final goodies) to bring! Tiny, cute and delicious. What more could you ask for?

I decided to go with chocolate cake  again, but this time, for dyeing purposes, I used white chocolate to dip them in. The colors just look so pretty! I should start working on that modesty thing….

Oh, who am I kidding? You can’t be modest when you make things like these. Come on. I know you agree and will disregard my high regard for my own baking. But come on. When you make these, you will be equally as obsessed with how cute they are, I just know it.

So sprinkle-y and good…. (Yes, I am aware sprinkle-y is not a word. And I simply do not care.)

And now for our third and final holiday treat- some totally tie-dye cupcakes!!

Alright you think I’m crazy. I know you can’t see the full extent of the tie dye, but just hold your horses…

Now that’s more like it! I love how these turned out. I kept seeing tie-dye cupcakes all over the internet, so I decided to give it a go. It was actually super easy! I made a vanilla cake mix then divided it up into three bowls. One I kept white, the other two I dyed red and blue. Then, you simply spoon the batter into your cupcake tins…

And the oven does the rest of the work:

I made one half a little more blue and the other more red.

They look almost like spray paint to me! Then, I finished it off with none other than my classic buttercream frosting.

A little red sugar and voila, patriotic tie dye cupcakes!

I hope these little treats have inspired you to get baking! Whether you’re going to a barbecue or just hanging at home this 4th of July, try out one of these recipes and you’ll surely be seeing fireworks! Happy 4th everyone!




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2 responses to “Red, White and Blue, Delicious Are You.

  1. Morgan

    The patriotic treats were delicious!!! Thanks, Laura 🙂

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