Ooh La La…

Bonjour monsieurs et mademoiselles! (Hello guys and girls!) I’m feeling very cultural this week. Yesterday it was Asian, today c’est francais! I have been taking French lessons once a week and I am absolutely in love. I already take Spanish in school, but I decided I wanted to learn French for fun. No, that is not weird… Don’t make fun of me. Alright, you can a little bit. I have been feeling so inspired by my newfound learning that I just had to post some Parisian-chic styles and sweets. Everything about France is just wonderful- the food, the clothes, the shopping the sights… I was lucky enough to go to Paris three years ago, and I just need to go back. Now.

To me, there are two realms of French fashion. There’s haute couture, and then there’s the French street fashion I am simply in love with. First I want to take a look at the latter. I found this image on Pinterest and fell in love. Everything about this girl is so chic and effortless and, of course, so French. (I guess it helps that she’s naturally super-gorgeous too, huh?)

This is my mom. I told you she’s fierce. She has the whole effortless Parisian vibe down pat. This is from our vacation to Paris three years ago- just look how chic she is! This was just a casual day of shopping, but my mom managed to keep it stylish with cute white capris and, of course, an easygoing scarf. Go mom.

Yes, I am about to reference Gossip Girl. Come on, I am only 16! You know you all remember when Blair and Serena went to Paris two seasons ago. Every single outfit was on point. Every hat, every shoe, every little box of treats just screams Parisian-chic. I will forever be obsessed with Blair’s Moschino dress. Sigh.

And here they are again, looking equally as fabulous! Serena’s pants are absolutely stunning.

This photo is the epitome of effortless French style if you ask me. Of course, it is none other than the legendary Brigitte Bardot. I’m a little bit in love with her… okay, a lot. Stripes=French. Period end of story.

Stunning. This photo looks so vintage, like it was taken in a little bar in Paris in 1920 or something. So pretty.

And then there’s the flipside of our lovely Parisian street fashion… Totally crazy-amazing French haute couture. I’m drooling. As much as I love a good twill trouser, nothing can top gowns like this one. This photo as well as the next few are from Dior Spring Couture 2009. I know it’s a bit old, but the entire collection exemplifies what true Parisian couture is and always should be.

This hat just screams “Oui oui!”

So gorgeous. So much pretty in one little post. But wait, you know I can’t leave you without something sweet and delicieux

French Macaroons. No one should live their life without eating these. I am on a mission to learn how to make them, but in the mean time I will just stare at these…

So many pretty colors…

Laduree is probably the most famous/best French macaroon brand. They are like little fluffy pillows from heaven. Mmm.

So what do you say we all hop on a plane to France? Sounds like a good idea to me. But for now, you can at least bring some Parisian flair and flavor into your everyday life 🙂 Au revoir!



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2 responses to “Ooh La La…

  1. Morgan

    I love all the colorful treats and wonderful fashions!

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