City-Slicking Sweet Style.

I’m baaaack!!!! It feels so good to be back in action. I missed so many things while I was away- my family, my friends, my bed, my shower, and of course, blogging!! I missed writing my every thought and sharing my every whim. I missed baking delicious treats and sharing them with you! I think I’m getting overly excited, but it’s just so good to be back! And let me tell you, I have LOTS of fun stuff to share. 🙂

So I don’t think I really fully explained why I was gone in the first place. I did a two week summer program at Drexel University at the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design for Fashion Design and Merchandising! It was an absolute blast. I had so much fun in my classes and working on my projects- it truly flew by. I was busy and tired, but that did not stop me from remembering all of you. With each street I walked down, you lovely readers kept popping into my mind! So I took note of everything fabulous and delicious that I just knew you all would love. Spending two weeks in Philadelphia was truly inspiring- in a city filled with shopping and treats, there’s always something to drool over.

Ah, the love statue. Complete with tourists and all. Fun fact: Why the tilted O? Because, as sculptor Robert Indiana explained, “love is never perfect.” Too stinkin’ cute.

Alright, so the first thing I want to talk about is actually in a different city- New York City! As part of the program, we went to see the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition at The Met. I. Almost. Died. Words cannot describe it, really. It was amazing. It was breathtaking. It was sad. It was downright genius. The exhibit actually closes August 7th, so I suggest you go right this moment. No, seriously, grab your purse and go. It is too amazing to miss. You can get full details about the exhibit here.

This is one of my favorite pieces from the exhibit. It’s from his spring/summer 1999 line, and it started off as a plain white dress which was actually spray painted by robots at the end of the runway. In the museum they show the video of the masterpiece being created, and it’s just chilling. May he rest in peace, this man was a true fashion genius.
After experiencing the amazement of McQueen, I stepped outside the met to find a much lighter, sweeter delight. This adorable truck- Cake & Shake! Cake & Shake is an adorable little truck filled with delicious little delicacies- cupcakes, shakes, coffee and more! The women working were friendly, the treats were adorable and delicious, and it was cute- what more could you ask for?!
So. Yummy. And the coolest part?! Everything is organic and eco-friendly! You can read all about them on their adorable website, I prefer to just post delicious pictures…
I was not hungry at all, but I did snag a bite of a friend’s peanut butter cupcake… TO DIE FOR.
Moral of the story? Go to New York. Go to the Met. See the McQueen Exhibit. Eat something scrumptious at Cake & Shake. The end.
Well, the end for New York at least. Back to Philly for some Smak Parlour fun. First of all, the name!? SMAK PARLOUR. Uh, could you get any cuter? Nope, didn’t think so. This little boutique was started by two Drexel grads and is located in Old City, Philly. It is the cutest store you ever set foot in, for sure.
Excuse my not-so-awesome photos, I didn’t want to get run over by standing in the middle of the street to photograph the adorable-ness.
I feel like these girls know me… A glitter mailbox? Oh yes.
My friend and I were obsessed with these tiny little picture frames! Although, I don’t think I’d want to put a picture in them… they’re too cute the way they are! And I also couldn’t bring myself to buy just one, because I wanted to buy them all… And I thought that would be excessive…
Girls after my own heart. A book about fashion next to a cupcake? That takes the cake. You need to go check these girls out now! Even if you can’t get to Philly, check out their website and explore their wonderful world of sparkles, fashion and fun.
And then there’s Reading Terminal Market. Let me start by saying, I love markets. Indoor, outdoor, whatever, they are awesome. There’s just something so fun about an overwhelming amount of local food and trinkets in one location! It’s just plain cool. And generally, everything is inexpensive, which is even more awesome! So when we went to Reading Terminal, needless to say, I was in love.
First I found these. Sm’Oreos. I’m ashamed to say that I did not try the deliciousness I’m about to show you, but listen, it was 10:00am!!!! I know, no excuses…. but it’s not my fault. Don’t hate me.
But just looking at these treats was good enough for me. I want to make them all, NOW! Look at that gooey marshmallow…. Mmm…
Yes, you do see a sign that says lavender. Yes, there were lavender cupcakes. No, I did not know those existed. Laura=amazed.
These whoopie pies make me want to dance. And sing. And most of all, bake. They’re perfect. So round and fluffy looking… I was in heaven in this sea of dessert dreams.
And with that, I end my tale of city sweets and styles! So whether you’re booking your trip to NYC to eat cupcakes and ogle McQueen, or you’re going to do some online shopping at Smak Parlour, I hope my travels have brought you some fun and enjoyment as well! It sure felt good to share it with you. Until tomorrow, stay fabulous! 🙂

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