Pocket Full of Sunshine

Do you know what one of my favorite feelings in the world is? The feeling of waking up on a summer morning with the sun spilling through your window, devouring your entire room. The feeling of rolling out of bed, putting on a bathing suit and going to the beach. Those are the summer days I live for. The sun is our friend. Yes, I may look a bit, er, toasted from having laid on the beach for 6 hours straight yesterday, but it was worth it. Sun is good. Life is good. Yellow is good. Okay, that last one seemed random, right? But I promise, I’m going somewhere with this. You see, there are certain colors I love, always have loved and always will love. Purple, pink, black, teal- all of these colors are go-to hues for me. But yesterday I realized I had a newfound color love- yellow. I was in such a sunshine-filled mood that I took note of just how lovely little mellow yellow is. It’s bright. It’s fun. It screams summer. It’s my latest color craze. Yellow. Is. It.

The first thing I did to celebrate my newly discovered love for this vibrant shade? Painted them yellow. While perusing colors in the nail salon, I just couldn’t help myself from snatching up “The ‘It’ Color” by OPI. While I’m normally a fan of plums or dark blues on my nails, this yellow has me feeling like a new woman!

I feel like a daffodil. Or a buttercup. Or a lemon. Or something else cute and yellowy! Yellow nails may be my new go-to color. They’re super-stylish and, to my surprise, very en vogue right now! Here are some of my favorite yellow manicures:

This photo is pure genius. She has on the same nail color as me! Now all I need is the yellow lips. So fierce.

Alright, you all already know I have a serious obsession with all things sparkly. Now sparkles and yellow nails?! This is too much fabulosity for one picture. These nails are a bit more vibrant than my nails, but they are still adorable. I found this beautiful image on Pinterest (it’s an addiction) from the lovely Brown Eyed Belle! All of her photos are simply fantastic.

Another more vibrant, stunning manicure.

So, of course, me being the crazy obsessive person I am, I couldn’t stop at just manicures. Oh no, yellow nails would be just too limiting! There’s amazing yellow makeup that needs attention, too…

Now that’s what I’m talking about. I think I would look slightly crazy walking around like this, but maybe with the right outfit… 🙂

And then what would yellow makeup and yellow nails be without yellow clothes?! You’ve got to have the whole shebang here. I’m in loooove with this Marc by Marc Jacobs maxi. It’s so fun and flirty- and yellow!

And then there’s this hat. I have been searching for a way to work this hat into a post for about 2 weeks now. Finally, it has its moment to shine. It’s just so beautiful. I want to own it. I want to wear it every day of my life. I want to stare at its shiny sparkliness. Okay, I sound deranged. But I just love this hat. You can find it, among other beautiful toppers, on Etsy from the amazingly talented ArturoRios! All of his designs are truly breathtaking.

So whether you plan on just laying in the sun, painting your nails yellow, or throwing on a sunny-colored frock, let this cheerful color brighten your day! 😀


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