Watermelon Wonderland

I love fruit. Apples, bananas, strawberries, melon, honeydew- they’re all so delicious. I love almost any fruit there is. Except one. There is one fruit I just can’t get into. Watermelon. It’s just so…. watery. It’s not that sweet. The texture scares me slightly. It just sort of creeps me out. With all of that said, I think watermelon is wonderful. No, I’m not joking. Everything about watermelon besides the actual fruit is wonderful. The colors. The smell. Its cute-factor. So I dedicate today’s post to watermelon- my most despised, yet most inspiring fruit.

I started to discover my love for watermelon in the non-fruit form when I saw this adorable skirt on Nasty Gal. It’s fairly inexpensive and so cute! Imagine prancing around in a watermelon skirt. Fun.

Pink and green is such an adorable color combination. I love this pink blazer. I sort of want to be wearing this right now. Actually, I definitely want to be wearing this right now. This is Helena from Brooklyn Blonde– she’s so chic!

Liz from Late Afternoon knows how to show off her watermelon stripes. This breezy ensemble is the definition of cool.

Watermelon isn’t just for clothes- it’s for makeup, too! I’m not sure how practical this makeup trick is, but I just had to share it with you. How many times have you seen watermelon lips? Yeah, I bet not many.

I’m also a bit of a nail freak lately (it all started with my yellow mani!) and when I saw these watermelon fingers, I fell in love! This is definitely the next manicure I’m getting. I have faith my nail salon can do it. And if they can’t, I’ll just have to settle for staring at this one forever.

And then there’s the watermelon-themed desserts. Watermelon clothes, makeup, nails, and now adorable watermelon treats?! It just keeps getting better. I must try making these cute cupcakes from Bakingdom. Now this is a form of watermelon I can dig.

I love the look of this Watermelon Pie from Make and Takes. It sounds so easy and delicious! A perfect summer dessert.

No one does it better than Martha. This Watermelon Bombe is so awesome looking! Imagine how impressed everyone would be when you brought this to a party. It looks so much like real watermelon! Genius.

Alright, now that’s just downright adorable. Love. Watermelon.

So even if you’re not a fan of the watery fruit like myself, you can still give this adorable treat a chance to be in your life! Whether it be a fierce pink and green ensemble or a delectable watermelon cupcake, watermelon will be sure to have you saying, “wow.” 😀


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