Under My Umbrella…

Hi there! Alright, excuse my corny title, but you can’t post about the rain and not include Rhianna, period end of story. So I want to talk about something everyone usually hates- the rain. Now I will admit, the rain is not my favorite thing in the world either. But today I was thinking, maybe rain isn’t so bad? Sure, when it rains I usually want to cuddle in my bed in a ball and drink hot chocolate and have an 80s movie marathon, but I have recently realized that a little water from the sky can be a lot chicer than PJs and a flickfest. Rain means raincoats. It means boots. It means umbrellas. It means hats. In other words, it means F-U-N.

tawny Opening Ceremony heels - neutral Monki hat
I adore this rain-ready ensemble. I found this from Mayo Wo on Chictopia. I love her little raincoat. I think my favorite part of this ensemble is the sky-high platforms and neon socks. Yes, it’s probably the most impractical. I just don’t care.
An equally adorable outfit ready to face the rain in. This is from Atlantic-Pacific (I swear, I will raid her closet one day when she least expects it šŸ™‚ ). She just looks so cute! From the Hunter rain boots to her minimalist rain coat, this outfit is on point.
I am obsessed with this photo of Dree Hemingway from Vogue China January 2011. This Louis Vuitton raincoat is to die for. I suppose that if you went out with just this frilly pink bikini underneath you may still get a tad wet, but it’d totally be worth it.
Here’s a slightly more practical rain outfit. I love love love the jacket! Definitely my favorite part of this outfit, from 5 inch and up. I also adore her cheetah umbrella! Her sky-high heels might not be the greatest for the weather, but she looks fierce.
Okay, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t post something a little bit kitschy. These tights are amazing. I found them on Pinterest, my obsession as you all know.Talk about being one with the rain…
Shouldn’t everyone look like this (with a beautiful man like this) in the rain? I love her little dress and the fat that she’s wearing them with little loafers. From Bijou and Boheme.
Or you could throw everything out the window and be bold- rock a bikini top and go barefoot! However, I would say I’d choose the adorable rain jackets, boots, hats and umbrellas, but hey, it’s a thought…
So the next time you’re ready to curl up on your couch with your favorite movies and call it a day, face the rain! Put on your cutest rain boots and a funky jacket and hit the town; because as they say, “it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” šŸ™‚


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2 responses to “Under My Umbrella…

  1. heather

    How awesome is your post!! Love it and thank you so very much for featuring my “Dance in the Rain” print!

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