Sweet, Sweet Switzerland.

Bonjour, Guten tag, Ciao everyone! So I know I’ve been absent for some time now without any explanation, and I apologize for that! But if my title and multi-language greeting didn’t give you the hint, I’ll try and make things a little more clear… for the past two weeks, I have been in SWITZERLAND! Yes, my friends Switzerland! Now I know what you’re thinking. What the heck is in Switzerland? Well let me tell you my friends, there is a lot in this little peaceful country. There’s lakes, mountains, chalets and snow! There’s cheese, cows, chocolate and shopping! There’s so much I’m going to have to create more than just one post to fit it all in!

But there’s one thing I must cover first… Chocolate. Sweets. Delicacies. You get the point. I just can’t post about anything else before I post about the chocolate. It’s stereotypical, yes, but it’s 100 percent true. Switzerland has the most magical chocolate you will ever eat. And furthermore, some of the best desserts I have ever eaten. And let me tell you, I’ve eaten a lot…

Alright, we’re going to go in chronological order here because it’s the only way I can organize my overly-excited-to-write-about-sweets thoughts. The first day we came into Zurich, I was already bombarded with sweets. Just walking out of the train station I feasted my eyes on the Sprungli storefront, a famous Swiss confectionery manufacturer.

Pies and tarts and cakes, oh my! I already knew I was going to like Switzerland…

As we walked around Zurich, we also stumbled upon Teuscher, one of the most world-renowned chocolatiers in Switzerland.

Yeah, no big deal. Just a solid chocolate cake.

Look at it, in all its chocolate glory. Yum.

Next I came across Honold, a famous confiserie in Zurich. Cupcakes are even popular in Europe!

Can you please just drool at these cupcakes like I did?

They also had some of the cutest little cakes. I adore the green one in the center.

Next up, Laderach. This was one of my absolute favorites. Look at that sea of chocolate. Don’t tell me you don’t want to devour it all, slab by slab. Yes, I did just say slab, because that’s what those are. Big, beautiful slabs of amazing Laderach chocolate.

Chocolate heaven.

After Zurich, we went to Lugano, a very Italian influenced part of Switzerland because it’s so close to Italy. So close in fact, that we took a day trip to Como in Italy! While walking around the charming little streets, I came across these adorable little treats (yeah, I rhymed.) Aren’t they the most delicious little cups of mousse and fruit and cream you ever did see?!

Also walking around Como, I saw these. And then I died. Meringues. Big. Giant. Meringues. Some chocolate covered. I adore meringues. They always have been and always will be one of my favorite sweets. Little did I know, that Switzerland is actually quite famous for meringues! I’m telling you, this country was made for me…

Oh hey, just a normal breakfast in Lugano. Everyone eats nutella-filled croissants for breakfast, right?

Well since I mentioned Nutella, I had to post this. Uh yeah. Giant Nutella cans.

Next stop, Interlaken. Interlaken was where we spent the most time of our trip and was probably my favorite! Oh hey, here I am with a giant ice cream sundae. My eyes are all squinty because I’m smiling really hard because there is a giant gelato treat in front of me, duh.

I don’t even like vanilla ice cream. But this… this was like some other-worldly treat. It was delicious.

The next night, we went to a “typical Swiss restaurant” in Interlaken. This is where we started to learn how big meringue is in Switzerland… See that meringue tucked in the right side of this bowl of deliciousness?

Clearly we didn’t like it.

This. Dessert. Was. Insane. A “chocolate bomb,” as it was called, filled with some sort of marshmallowy floaty substance, covered in chocolate. Oh yeah, and some chocolate bark on the bottom. So decadent.

Okay I got really excited here. We were exploring Interlaken, and my brother and I decided to scope out the different Chocolatiers. This one took the cake. So many chocolates. So little time.

So I had a quick photoshoot with the chocolate, completely normal if you ask me.

I love these heart-shaped ones!

Okay photoshoot’s over. But seriously, that was some darn good chocolate.

The next night was actually my dad’s birthday! We went to the most amazing restaurant ever. Definitely top 5 meals of my life, and that is saying something because I have eaten A LOT of amazing meals. It was in the most adorable hotel called the Hotel Alpenblick. Everything about the experience was amazing. From our super-sweet server to the very charming owner, everything was simply magical. Now let me explain the creation in the picture you see above. This was actually my dad’s dessert! I can’t exactly recall what everything was, but let me tell you, it was a taste sensation. Little meringues, dried yogurt crumbs, savory sauces, it was like a taste explosion! Absolutely amazing.

Created by top Swiss chef Richard Stöckli, this dessert, and entire meal, was out of this world.

Alright, a little less exciting but still amazing- these delicious choclates! (Oh P.S., we’re now in Lausanne!) These chocolates are from a famous Swiss chocolatier and caterer, Lucien Moutarlier. We stopped here for a little lunch… and dessert 😉

We just had to get a few to sample…

Okay, we’re coming to a slight close in out Tour de Swiss Sweets, but this next one is a big one. The chocolate train. Yeah, you hear right. Chocolate. Train. What does this entail, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. Visiting Gruyere where the cheese is made. Amazing. Visiting the Callier chocolate factory. Getting to sample chocolates. Amazing-er. Let me show you what I mean…

Meringues from Gruyere. I sort of almost had a heart attack.

And here we go. The Callier Chocolate Factory and Museum. This is a little representation of what the building actually looks like inside the Museum. Can you imagine me in a place dedicated to chocolate? I was sort of freaking out.

Inside the factory- cocoa, cocoa and more cocoa!

Chocolate=Happiness, says Callier. So, so true.

This part was beyond cool. We actually got to see the chocolate being made!!

Go chocolate, go!

Then, my friends, came the sampling. The sweet, sweet sampling. This one was one of my favorites- Frigor Dark Chocolate.

Each one was more decadent than the next…

I wanted to try every single one, but unfortunately I think my pants button would have popped off. So I left the sampling of everyone to someone much more capable- my brother.

What can I say, we love chocolate!

And finally, sadly, our last night. Tear, tear. But friends, it was an amazing one! We spent our last night at one of the restaurants of- get this- the top female chef in the world. The WORLD. Yeah, jaw dropping right now. My dad surprised us by taking us there, and let me tell you it was one of the best surprises ever! This dessert was one of my favorites of the entire trip (and that’s saying something, because I ate a lot of dessert.) I know it may not look like much, but it was a flavor explosion! Raspberry infused meringues filled with a raspberry and raspberry sauce and topped with delicious cream. Then, the center one, was filled with the most delectable coffee gelato you will ever eat! It was such a unique flavor experience, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

Well friends, there you have it. Every chocolate I ogled. Every dessert I devoured. Every sweet I savored in the lovely country of Switzerland. Yes, this post was obnoxiously long, but there’s no limiting the amount I can saw about the amazing Sweetzerland…

And voila! The sweetest trip I ever did have. Now go book a trip to Switzerland, you won’t regret it 😉



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2 responses to “Sweet, Sweet Switzerland.

  1. Amy

    I absolutely LOVE your blog!! I especially like your most recent post about your Switzerland trip. Do you know, one of my students’ has a Nutella sandwich everyday for lunch….funny because I think back to when you were a little girl and it reminds me of when I would make Fluff sandwiches and sundaes for you (although they were not nearly as beautiful as the sundaes you posted). I always knew you were full of something “SWEET”! You’re incredibly talented! By the way…let me know if you ever offer a baking class:)
    ❤ Amy

    • Amy thank you so much! Oh my goodness, I remember that! Ah, the days of Fluff sandwiches everyday! You are too sweet! And that would be SO much fun- if I ever do you’ll be the first to know! 🙂

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