Loopy for Leotards.

Hi there! So I’m sorry this post was a bit delayed, but I’ve been so busy getting back into the swing of things since I got home! But I have some serious business to share with you. While in Switzerland, we took a little detour to Milan, seeing as its only an hour or two by train. We spent 2 days there, and it was simply magical. In the words of Rachel Zoe, all I can think to say is, “I die.” Seriously. Every. Store. Imaginable. Gucci, Prada, Missoni, Moschino, Versace- you name it, it’s there. As I walked down the main street, Via Montenapoleone (yeah, try saying that 5 times fast…), I felt as though I was in a fairytale. How could so much retail be in one little place? So as I walk along in my little fantasy land, I was suddenly stopped in my tracks. I couldn’t remove my eyes from the store window. My heart began to flutter. I felt like how you feel when you’re twelve and you see the boy you like. It was too beautiful.


This. Glistening. Masterpiece. A completely jeweled leotard. Probably diamonds or Swaroski crystals, seeing at it was in the Dolce and Gabbana window. This photo doesn’t even do it justice because it was sitting a little further back in the window, so it was difficult for me to fully capture its amazingness. As I stood in awe of this beautiful creation, all I could think was, “Who wears this besides Beyonce…?” Seriously though, when’s the last time you saw someone strutting down the street in a bejeweled leotard, or even just a leotard for that matter? However, the more I thought, the more I opened my mind. Leotards can be totally functional. You can wear them under skirts. You can wear them with tights and shorts. You could even layer it under a dress. The more I think about it, the more endless the possibilities seem!


Oh yeah, then I saw this one. Then I really fell in love. There was no turning back. I was on the leotard bandwagon, and I was not getting off anytime soon.


And finally, I saw this one. Granted, it may not be as sparkly and ooooh-aaaaah as the other two, but come on, cheetah and tiny stars? Pure genius.

So to express my newfound adoration of this seemingly impractical piece, I also found a couple of other amazing pieces, like this one from ilovewildfox.com,a blog for the clothing line Wildfox Couture. I simply adore this photo in all its glittering goodness.

fashion-ocd:  gaetano navarra spring 2011

I’m absolutely in love with this one from Gaetano Navarra Spring 2011 that I found via That’s not My Name. Yeah, you can totally see her boobs. Yeah, that’s acceptable on runways (and runways only, if you ask me).

natasha poly2 Morning Beauty | Natasha Poly by Tom Munro

Natasha Poly rocks her leo in a more practical way- with shorts over top! It looks absolutely perfect. Then again, she is Natasha Poly.

HA, did you really think I was going to post about leotards and not include my favorite woman in the world? (Well, besides my mom of course :).)

So whether you’re feeling daring and want to rock it out like B, or modest and want to layer your leo like Natasha, don’t be afraid of the leotard! What I used to think was only wearable in ballet class is now a chic statement. I guess that’s fashion for you… Now go do some squats and get yourself some spandex!


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