Cozy Comfy Cuddly.

Hi everyone! Alright, so if you haven’t heard about it yet, and I’m sure you have, a storm’s a’comin’. A very particular storm, by the name of Irene! Well let me tell you, EVERYONE i know is freaking out. Absolutely bonkers I tell you. The supermarket is filled with people stocking up on canned goods to last them years. Facebook is brimming with posts about the soon-to-be-storm. Businesses are closing early. Towns are being evacuated. What I’m trying to say is, PEOPLE ARE GOING INSANE FOR HURRICANE IRENE! So I know what you’re wondering. What does this have to do with me? Well, I’ll tell you, as long as you promise not to judge.


I hope Irene comes. In fact, I called her to let her know she’s always welcome. (As long as she does not destroy anyone’s homes/hurt anyone of course.) Okay, if you didn’t think I was crazy before, I know you do now. But just hear me out for a second! Hurricanes= no going outside. No going outside=staying in your house. Staying in your house= watching movies all day and night. Watching movies all day and night= never getting out of your PJ’s. Never getting out of your PJ’s= one of the best feelings in the entire world. Sometimes, when the world is spinning so fast and you’re constantly going, going, going, I just feel like I need a break! And rainy, stormy, cuddly breaks are the best kind. Especially when you have warm, cozy, yummy clothes to wear. So this, my friends, is an ode to Irene. An ode to being comfy and fabulous, and the chance to veg in style. Oh. Yes.


First necessity for comfy-cuteness: Oversized sweater. They are the best. I’m kind of in love with them. I love them for school, I love them for a quick trip to the mall, I love them for cuddling on my couch. I probably own about fifteen. I know, it’s kind of a sickness. My friends make fun of me because they’re just a taaaaad large, but I like my sweaters large, okay?! It’s fun and makes me feel like a squishy marshmallow. So there. I love this one from Everything Fab.


I love love love this little poncho from Nasty Gal. Paired with some leggings and a fuzzy scarf, you’re all set to cuddle up with your fav flicks.

This sweater is perfect! I found it scanning across Pinterest. With a chunky sweater, the bigger the better.
















Free People always nails the huge sweaters. I adore this one.


Next up on your must-haves? Legwear. It’s all about the cozies to keep your toesies cuddly! (Yeah, I’m weirded out that I just said that…) I love legwarmers. These, from A Lady’s Findings, are awesome!
















Once again, Free People has the best stuff! These legwarmers are so cute, and paired with some black tights, you will never want the storm to end.
















FREE PEOPLE YOU ARE KILLING ME! Come on, sweater leggings? It just doesn’t get better than that.

Found on Pinterest. The socks, the flannel, the blanket… If the legs were 10 times shorter  I would swear this is me…


And the last thing you need, a humongous scarf. If you think it’s weird to wear a scarf indoors, it’s not. It’s just like a blanket for your neck. And it is oh, so wonderful…

In love with this one from Intelligent Clashing.

I am in love with the hilarity of this photo. Dare I say she works it…?

The best part about a big, oversized scarf? It’s so effortlessly chic. Just throw it on, and voila! Suddenly you are some urban-grunge hipster, even if you are just cozy on the couch.

Oh yeah, and there’s just one more little thing you need… a good, old-fashioned hot chocolate. Now you’re really set.

So wherever you are, whether it’s storming or beaming sunshine, get cozy! Cozy on up in a chunky sweater and soft leggings and chill, because everyone deserves a day to be as cuddly as cuddly can be 🙂



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