Mad Hatter

Hi everyone! Can you believe it’s SEPTEMBER?! Where did the summer go, seriously?! I start my senior year on Tuesday! I can’t even believe it. As much as I don’t want summer to end, I’m pretty excited for fall and all the excitement it’s going to bring! I am especialllllly excited for one thing: fall clothes! I am so over summer frocks and rompers. All I can think about wearing is tights, boots, sweaters, scarves…. yum. But before I dive into my world of layers, I have a few summer favs that I have yet to share with you… Today’s topic? HATS. I don’t think I’ve quite explained this to you before… I’m kind of obsessed with head-ware. I have like 200 headbands… It’s actually sort of insane. I also have an obscene amount of hats! Usually I’m more of a fall hat gal, but this summer I fell in love with straw hats! They’re the perfect topper to any ensemble… Let’s take a look…

This is my best friend Melissa. You’ve met her before- the dancer I sent these delicious goodies to! Well Melissa and I decided to do what any girls would do on a day with nothing to do…. have a photoshoot ๐Ÿ™‚ Is she not GORGEOUS?! I am so blessed to have such beautiful friends ๐Ÿ™‚ Here, she’s rockin’ an outfit straight out of my closet and, of course, my fabulous straw hat! I got it from Urban Outfittersย a few months ago and I just adore it! Unfortunately it’s no longer on their website, but they have tons of great hats for both summer and fall!

Should she not be a model?! GAH I love this one. How perfect does that hat flop?

A genuine laugh. Too cute.

I opted to rock a green straw fedora I picked up at a Saks outlet! I love it so much, it’s just so fun!

Always a goofball. I love this hat because you can wear it with anything! You could dress it down with jean cut offs, or dress it up with a skirt like I chose to!

Showing off my accessory, of course.

Moral of the story? HATS ARE FUN! Here are a few others I adore…

In love with this photo and the entire look from Inside the Loop.

Love this! Found randomly on Pinterest, I think the hat is Free People but I don’t know for sure! Either way, this ensemble is perfect, effortless, and summer-chic!

If you don’t like this hat, you’re actually crazy. Especially because it’s only $10.98 right now on ASOS!!! Amazing.

Adorable look from Chictopia. I love the way her hat sits on the back of her head!

If Elizabeth Taylor was wearing a straw hat, you should be wearing a straw hat.

So as my mother once told me the wise words a woman told her, “Wear a hat, they’ll think you’re somebody.” Couldn’t have said it better.


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