Banana Bread Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi there! So, the other day I was faced with a dilemma…

These were staring me in the face. What is a girl to do when there are about 7 bananas about to go bad in her house?! Well, I surely wasn’t going to let them all go to waste. Something had to be done. So I did what any normal person would do… Baked.

I ran to my computer and excitedly printed out a recipe I had been dying to try. Banana Bread Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies from Bakers Royale. This was the perfect opportunity! I’d had these little fellows saved up for some time, and I decided now was the time.

I followed the recipe almost exactly. The only adjustment I made is that I added more chocolate chips and toffee. I opted for semi-sweet regular-sized chips over the mini ones, and probably added 1-1 1/2 cups of the chips and toffee instead of the 1/2 it calls for. Other than that, this recipe is PERFECT! It is so easy to follow, and the cookies were amazing. More than amazing, actually. They were devine.


This had to be some of the best batter I’ve ever witnessed. It’s magical and really, reaaaallly tempting to stick a spoon into and eat. I refrained. Will power, I know.

After chilling the batter as directed, I had these little babies coming out of my oven. My mom decided to take a taste test and quickly deemed them “the best cookies I have ever made.” Wowza.

When I brought them to school the next day, they were an even bigger hit! I kind of love to feed my friends, and they are always more than happy to be my taste testers 🙂 Everyone was in love with their banana bread-y feel and chocolate and toffee kick.

Come on, look a that little angel.

These are definitely going on my go-to baking list! I did not anticipate such an awesome reaction from everyone who tried them. The point I’m trying to make? You need to go bake these, now.

So instead of letting your bananas go to waste next time, whip up these easy-to-make, delicious treats! You’ll definitely be going bananas. 🙂


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