Mad for Mint.

Oh hi there. Let’s cut to the chase. I made you these cupcakes.

Alright, so that’s kind of a lie. I made my best friend these cupcakes for her 18th birthday and my family these cupcakes for break fast at my house tonight for Yom Kippur. But they were for you too,  I promise!!! I kind of died when I made them. Everyone kind of died when they ate them. My point? They. Are. Sick. You see, my friend Melissa loooves junior mints, and I’d been dying to do a minty dessert! Hence, I found this recipe from Confessions of A Cookbook Queen. She literally has the best recipes ever. I took some inspiration the fabulous Kristan, but also gave it a little spin of my own! Here’s my take on her fabulous cupcakes 🙂

Junior Mint Oreo Cupcakes.

For the Cake:

1 Box chocolate cake mix (or, if you’re not pressed for time, your favorite chocolate cake recipe!)

24 mint oreos

Bake the cake as directed. Place one oreo in each cupcake, keeping fairly even amounts of batter below and on top. Bake as directed.

For the frosting:

Remaining mint oreos in package (I used 8 and it was perfect!)

4 sticks of softened butter

8 cups confectioner’s sugar

2 tsp vanilla extract

2 tsp mint extract.

4 tbsp milk (I used 2 tbsp heavy cream and 2 tbsp skim milk because it’s what I had!)

Cream the butter, milk and extracts until well combined in an electric mixer. Slowly mix in confectioner’s sugar. Finally, crush the oreos into crimes and fold into your icing. This frosting is INSANELY GOOD!

Finally, assemble your cupcakes! I chose to use a round tip for these little beauties. To top it all off, place two junior mints on each cupcake! And there you have it, a delicious mint-chocolate treat!

Everyone LOVED these! I was kind of nervous the mint frosting would taste like toothpaste, but it didn’t at all… it was pure bliss.

At first I thought these were really ugly, but I actually ended up liking they way the came out! They look like little froggies to me 🙂

Also, how cute are these little wrappers my mom picked up from Shoprite?! She is the best.

Are you getting the message yet? Make these. Seriously, do it.

Come on, do you not want to be the creator of such a divine little treat?

Nom nom nom…

So whether you have a birthday to celebrate or are just craving something minty and delicious, these cupcakes are sure to hit the spot 🙂 Have a minty and sweet day!



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2 responses to “Mad for Mint.

  1. Lissy

    These were the MOST yummy cupcakes we ever tasted!!!!

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