Never Too Late for Halloween.

Hi there! So I realize this post probably should have been made on Monday. Or Sunday. Basically, I’m really late. But hey, better late than never right?! So, I’m giving you these tasty treats now. Plus, it’s never a bad thing to extend Halloween a little further, is it?! Didn’t think so. So check out these scrumptious and adorable Halloween treats and put them on your to-bake list for Halloween! Ready, go!

First up, Candy Corn Cupcakes! No, they do not taste like candy corn. I was browsing Halloween recipes on Pinterest and saw this recipe and just had to! I didn’t follow the recipe at all, though. I used a vanilla box cake mix (time constraints!) and my never-fail buttercream frosting which you can find here! Once your frosting is made, separate into 3 bowls. Dye one bowl orange, one yellow and leave one white. Then, to create the candy corn affect, using your icing bag or “gun” with a star tip, make the orange layer on all the cupcakes, then the yellow, and finally the white. And voila, adorable candy corn cupcakes!


Oh hi, those would be my glittery Halloween fake cupcakes! They make me smile.

I just think these look so festive!

Oh yeah, my attempt to make my candy corn cupcakes in the shape of a candy corn. I am so lame.

And there you have it, one easy and delicious Halloween treat!  Let’s check out what’s next….


CANDY CORN FUDGE! Okay, so I maaaaaaay have gotten a little carried away on the candy corn theme this Halloween. But come on, it’s just so cute and festive looking! I couldn’t control myself. I blame the internet.

So I got the idea for these little buggers from Something Swanky. I was so excited when I saw this because, as you all know, I love making fudge! It’s so easy and it’s always delicious. I followed this recipe exactly, and it was one for success! The only semi-difficult part is cutting the little triangles. You will have excess fudge, because when you cut the triangles from the strips you make, every other “candy corn” will be upside-down (White on the bottom, orange on top.). But no worries, save the extra for an at-home treat (it’s just as delicious!) or toss it- you will have PLENTY!

I had a little photo shoot with these treats near some of our Halloween knickknacks. I am kind of obsessed with that sparkly thing to the right of the photo- yeah, it’s a candy corn party hat. No big.

Come on, how precious are they?! It’s just the right amount, too. A perfectly portioned treat!

Everyone loved them! Oh yeah, this is a real good view of the party hat, too.

So there you have it! My two candy-corn-a-licious treats. I hope you all had a happy, fun, sweet, stylish Halloween and save these recipes for next year! Until next time 🙂


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  1. Jamie

    So adorable, Laura! You are spooktacular!

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