Rain, Rain, Stay All Day!

Hi there everyone! So if you know me, you know when I like something, I don’t just like it…. I become kind of obsessed. Kind of like my relationship with making fudge. Oh and anything sparkly. Well, I have found my latest obsession… RAIN BOOTS! Now, I have always been a fan of the cute wellie trend, but wasn’t always certain I could pull it off. You see, I never really found the right ones that screamed “ME!” Well, until Christmas morning, when I opened up these puppies…

I died. Well first, I tackled my mother and thanked Santa immensely. She (oops, I mean he) really is fabulous šŸ˜‰ The terrible quality of this photo really doesn’t even do them justice. Hot pink. Lace up. WEDGE. Rain Boots. I felt like a kid in the candy store.
So, obviously, I could not wait for it to rain. I waited and waited and finally, it rained today and I got to wear my crazy, ever-so-me rain boots! I felt kind of like a cartoon character, in the best way possible. If I could turn myself into a rain boot, these shoes would be me.
I’m sort of in love. Here are some other rain boots I’m just gaga for:
EVEDON Womens Wellies
EVEDON Womens Wellies
These Joules Rain Boots could not be cuter. They come in two other colors as well, but I’m a purple freak. How can you not just love that big bow ?! You can find them here.
Pinned Image
Completely unconventional, these rain boots are so funky I can’t get over them! Who would’ve thought of ankle booties for rain boots?! Pure genius. I love love love them! Leave it to ModCloth to supply these fierce babies.
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
And of course, what would a post about rain boots be if I didn’t include the ever-fabulous, ever-classy Hunters?! These two are my favorites from the current season. You can find them on the Hunter Website!
These are just a few of the beyond fabulous rain boots out there! The point? Don’t settle- find ones that SCREAM “you!” like mine scream “me!” Rain boots are an amazing way to bring some shine to a gloomy day šŸ™‚ So make every day a beautiful one, rain or shine!


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2 responses to “Rain, Rain, Stay All Day!

  1. michelle

    I absolutely LOVE your hot pink lace up wedge rain boots!! Can you please be a Doll and tell me where I can purchase a pair? I’ve been searching hi and low for these.I know Hunter has a wedge rain boot but I’m in love with your style. Looking forward to your response.

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