Caramel… Underrated in My Book, Until Now.

Honestly, I think I am in love with this bar. It could be the best bar I’ve ever made. Seriously.

It’s on a rare occasion that I really indulge in the things I bake… I find making them for others so much more enjoyable, and if iI ate every time I baked they’d have to roll me into the kitchen. Seriously. But, there are those few moments where I just simply cannot resist.

This was one of those moments. Cue chocolate chip toffee caramel bars.


Oh hello there. I am not even a huge caramel fan, so I was kind of shocked when I took a bite at how much I loved these! You can find the complete recipe on Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. She’s kind of a genius. All I changed was I used about 40 instead of 32 caramels, I thought it needed a bit more to contrast the condensed milk! Step one looked a bit like this…


The first layer of cookie, chocolate-chippy, toffee-y goodness. Yum. Then, you pour the caramel layer on:


Yes, that is a sea of caramel you see above. Then, once you put on the top layer of dough (don’t worry about making it perfect- i had tons of gaps and it all pretty much evens out in the oven!) you’re ready to finish!


I mean, seriously?





You really have to make these. They’re easy AND delicious- sure to convert anyone to be a caramel lover! Let me know what you think by posting a comment below or share YOUR favorite caramel recipe! 🙂


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