18 responses to “TASTY TREATS

  1. Jamie

    Your treats were absolutely divine! I am waiting in anticipation for the next masterpieces you create!

  2. Morgan

    this is such an awesome blog !!! you did such an amazing job ! 🙂 i cant wait to see moreee !! <3, morgie

  3. You are so cute! Love the blog my mouth is watering!!

  4. Debbe

    Hi! I am Debbie… your Aunt Jamie’s neighbor.. Fabulous Job! The problem now is I am hungry for cupcakes! 🙂 You are so cute and talented! LOVE IT! So funny because I just saw these amazing Chloe wedges in a magazine @ the hairdressers!

  5. Michelle

    Taste and Experience!!! love your treats, we are still enjoying them!!! Also, can’t wait to see more of your fashionista side of things – Love Aunt Michelle

  6. dee and shannon

    Hi Laura, wow we love it !!!! looks like you are having fun and you’re pictures are great.

  7. Melissa McCann

    Love the blog girl !! I’ve been updating myself at camp every day !! All the treats look so delightful it makes me hungry !:) – Lissy ❤

  8. LITTLE GIRL BIG TASTE!!!! I love you 😀 the blog is beast!

  9. michelle

    Laura – post your pumpkin chocolate chip pie! I want to make it and Marissa ate the whole thing on me:)
    Love, Aunt Michelle

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