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Itty Bitty Bites of Dough

AKA… Mini Donuts! WHAT THE HECK?!

So, I was in AC Moore one day, and I was totally NOT supposed to be in the baking aisle, yet somehow, I seemed to end up there… sometimes I think my feet have a mind of their own… I swear… they just take control of my body and drag me to places where I will buy things. Ugh.

So of course, I was perusing all the fun Wilton products, when I stumbled upon THIS:

Yup, a Wilton Mini Donut Pan. I know, I know, I died a little too.

So of course, I caved and bought it… because a mini donut pan is totally essential to life… everyone knows that.

So, today I decided it was the day to bust this bad boy out! Aaaaaand BAM! This happened:


I know… I know. Too adorable for words. I found this fantastic recipe from Cup of Sugar Pinch of Salt! I used the vanilla cake recipe with the chocolate glaze, and it was SO easy and turned out great! Let’s take a look:


Before popping the little cuties into the oven…

ImageThen… they got all fluffy and fun in the oven…

ImageAnother great thing about this treat is that they literally take FIVE minutes to bake! These are a perfect treat to make if you’re a bit pressed for time… Done in 30 minutes, seriously!

Then, it was time for the real fun… Decorating! You simply dip the donuts (while still hot) in the glaze and some jimmies, if you want (which of course I did!) and voila:



ImageSo much sprinkly goodness…

ImageI think we all know that these are the cutest treats ever. Make them for a brunch, your little ones, or just for a tiny tasty treat to have on hand when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth! (Or in my case… teeth.) Hope you enjoy this little treat from your little baker! 🙂


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